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4 Tips on How to Perform a DIY Roofing Inspection


A roofing inspection is a crucial step in making sure that your house’s roof is properly maintained. However, many people do not know how or when to perform an inspection. The following are some do-it-yourself roofing inspection tips to help you maintain your roof.

1. Look for Algae, Moss, or Piles of Leaves

Algae and moss growing on the roof is an indicator of a moisture problem. If your roof has algae or moss, there may be a leak. It may be as small as a pinhole. Still, if left unattended for an extended amount of time, the problem could quickly become much more expensive to repair. The same goes for piles of leaves that you might find on your roof after a windstorm.

2. Look for Loose or Missing Shingles

When you’re walking on your roof, there might be some places where the shingles look a little loose or a few that look like they have been ripped off completely. These shingles could have been blown off a wind storm, or they might have come loose because of a problem with the underlying roof. Either way, it is something that needs to be looked into further.

3. Look for Cracks

There are a few different types of cracks that you might find on your roof, and the specific type will help give an idea as to what the underlying problem with your roof might be. The two common types of cracks are horizontal and vertical, but thin cracks go in different directions. If you see any cracks on your roof larger than one inch, it is a good idea to request a professional’s opinion.

4. Look for Broken or Loose Vent Flashings

There are often metal pieces on the roof used to direct water away from parts of the roof and drain pipes. These pieces are known as vent flashings, and they will probably be located near the chimney of your house. If these pieces are broken or missing, there is a good chance of damage under the shingles.

Risks of Performing a DYI Roof Inspection

A DIY roofing inspection is not an easy task to perform. Before undertaking such a task, you should be aware of the risks involved in trying to assess the condition of your roof on your own. Here are several risks associated with doing your inspection, for example:

  • You could damage your roof even further
  • You could miss obstructions above the roof
  • You could miss a leak
  • You could cause structural damage
  • You could be held liable for any damages caused
  • You could injure yourself
  • You could end up spending more than you need to

Hire a Professional Mobile County Roofing Company!

The best way to perform a DIY roof inspection is to hire professionals like Super Roofers. They can provide you with expert analysis on your roof. Super roofers would be able to tell you if there is any further damage and would be able to provide you with the best recommendations. 

A professional Mobil County roofing company would be able to tell you if there are any loose shingles and would be able to provide solutions to your problems. 

Don’t risk having more problems; hire Super Roofers for a DIY roof inspection.

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