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When to Schedule Roof Inspection for Your Home

Your home’s roof is one of the most important parts. It keeps out water and other elements from entering. With roofing companies being so affordable, you might be wondering when to schedule a roof inspection for your home.

The answer depends on many factors, including whether or not you’re trying to sell it, what type of roofing material was used originally, how old it is, etc. Keep reading to learn more.

Importance Of Roof Inspection

Preventing major roofing problems is one of the main reasons to hire a roof inspection service. If you wait until there’s already a leak, the damage that can cause is much greater and often more expensive than if you had caught it early on.

When To Schedule Roof Inspection

Generally, you should perform roof inspections at least once a year. It might not need to be checked as often if you have a newer roof or roofing material. Contact your roofing contractor to see what their recommendation is.

If you’re selling your roofing, roof inspections are essential. There’s possible damage to the roof without being visible from ground level, so potential buyers need to have this done before making an offer on a home.

Types Of Roof Inspection

There are 4 main roof inspection types. The contractor will choose one or more based on what they believe is the most needed at that time.

Visual Roof Inspections

This is a quick, simple check of your roof from ground level, looking for obvious signs of damage and deterioration. You can do this yourself with a few tools to help you a better view.

Inspection Via Ladder

This is a more detailed inspection that requires a roofer to go onto the roof and take a closer look at everything. This might include checking gutters, eaves, roofing material, flashing, etc.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging involves using a thermal imaging camera to detect roofing insulation or moisture areas. This often finds problems that you wouldn’t find with a visual inspection.

Infrared Spectroscopy

This method uses light waves to identify different materials and roofs made of asphalt, slate, tile, metal, etc. It can help find hidden damage and determine the age of roofing material.

Super Roofers Offers Roof Inspection Services

Knowing when roof inspection is needed can help you save money on repairs or replacements by catching small issues right away before they turn into big ones that cost more time and money to fix.

If you’re looking for roofing contractors, Super Roofers is a roofing company that offers roof inspection services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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