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Why Roof Inspection Is Important


Your roof is the number one barrier to arduous weather. It also provides stability and structure to your home. You might not even know that you’re having problems with your roof until it’s too late. By then, your home is plagued with damage and expensive repairs.

A thorough inspection of your roof is vital to assess its condition and assist with optimal care, which in return will extend its life. Here are the 7 most common reasons to get your roof inspected.

1. Weathering and Aging: 

Over time, your roof will begin to age and weather. It will begin to take on a duller color and may even start to leak. These are two tell-tale signs that it’s time to schedule an inspection.

2. Warranty repairs:

Most roofs come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you ever have a problem, the companies who installed your roof will need to do a thorough inspection to validate your claim. If they find any existing damage covered by their warranty, you could be liable for the repairs and replacement costs.

3. Leak Assessment:

A simple leak can become a nightmare if not dealt with immediately. The longer it goes undetected, the more damage it will cause. An inspection is needed before it escalates and you notice a severe problem.

4. Slope Deterioration:

When your roof begins to fail, water can pool and cause a variety of problems. Stagnated water is a common issue for built-up roofs, modified bitumen, and rubber roofs.

5. Roof Replacement:

Depending on the material your roof is made of, there is a specific life span for optimal performance. A professional inspection can ensure that you are aware of its expected lifetime, which in return will make for one less headache down the road.

6. Roof Debris Accumulation:

Over time, leaves, small twigs, and other debris can accumulate on your roof. The debris will weigh down your roof and possibly cause it to leak. A simple inspection can keep your roof in top running condition so that it lives up to its maximum potential.

7. Stop Damage Before it Starts:

Most of the time, the damage isn’t obvious. Inspections allow you to detect foreseeable problems. They stop damage before it becomes costly, problematic, and time-consuming. 

Do You Think You Need Roofing Services in Mobile County?

Super Roofers offers a variety of roofing services in Mobile County, including roof inspections. Super Roofers is experienced with the severe weather of Mobile County, AL. Storms, rain, and hail can all cause hidden damage if not addressed. 

Remember, routine inspections with our roofing contractors in Mobile County will help you save money by maintaining the vibrancy of your roof.

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