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Alabama weather can be unpredictable at times. There are thunderstorms, hail, and the occasional tornado, all of which have the potential to damage your roof. This, in turn, is a cause of stress for you. You have to get someone to come out and take a look then deal with your insurance company to get repairs and replacements done. We step in here. We can handle all of that and more. 

You may be dreading having to go through the seemingly arduous task of roof repair or replacement, but it feels like a breeze when you let Super Roofers take care of it for you. We want you to have a positive experience when it comes to your roof, and we go the extra mile to ensure that happens. Our process begins with coming out for a thorough inspection of your roof to check for damage, then let you know what should be done to fix it. If you choose to have us do your repairs or replacement, we will be there with you for every step thereafter, including dealing with insurance. One of our certified insurance professionals will work with you in filing your claim, meeting with the adjustor, and following up on it all so you don’t have to worry about dealing with it. You’ll never be taken advantage of with us on your side.

Residential Roofing Insurance Claims in Mobile

It’s incredibly inconvenient to have to mess with insurance claims, but we don’t believe it needs to be that way.

We can make phone calls, meet with adjustors alongside you, and ensure you get everything paid for. Let us help take a weight off your shoulders and assist with the entire process.


Call us today to speak with a licensed, certified roofing claims expert in Mobile, Alabama today and receive a no-cost estimate.

Once your roof has been confirmed to have damage due to weather or some other act of God, Super Roofers will be there to help immediately. Regardless of if you choose to use our services in the end, you’ll still have to have a professional there when you meet with your insurance adjustor. The simple act of having us on hand will help ensure your replacement or repairs get covered the way they should and that you do not get taken advantage of. 

Once your claim has been approved, you need the absolute best of the best in roof repair and replacement in Mobile, Alabama. 

Let Super Roofers be your go-between so you don’t have to worry about your insurance claim. We remove the possibility of scams or miscommunications, so you have less stress. Contact Super Roofers today so you can get your roof fixed with as little pain as possible.

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