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Homeowners who are considering getting a roof inspection in Mobile, Alabama, must also determine the right time to do it. When it comes to roofs, it is important to give them maintenance once in a while. 

Some homeowners make the mistake of paying attention to their roofs until they see their first leak or realize mold is growing on it. It is better to do repairs before the damage is done; this will help you save time and money. 


What To Expect From a Roof Inspector

Residential roofers can spot problems that may not be visible, give you an idea of where potential leaks can happen, or notice any widespread pain in your roof that needs to be addressed. 

Their services include:

  • Check potential leaks
  • Spotting mold growth
  • Looking for issues from previous roof repairs
  • Checking damages caused by strong winds or storms
  • Shingle installation problems

Depending on the type of roof inspection you get, roof experts will focus on the areas that need it most.

Types of Roof Inspections

Professional roof inspectors can do up to four different types of inspections. Each inspection covers a specific area in your home where they will look more thoroughly.

Interior inspections: These focus on damages your roof has caused on the interiors, such as in walls or ceilings.

Structural inspections: They generally concentrate on the structure of your roof to see if any repairs or replacements are needed.

Craft inspections: Target any imperfections your roof has, including cracks or leaks.

Materials inspections: These focus on materials your roof has to see if they are in good condition, such as shingles.

Get Professional Roofing Service

Super Roofers offers quality roofing inspections in Mobile, Alabama, including any roof inspection you choose to have. We care about your home and provide it with exceptional maintenance to make it look perfect and is safe for you. 


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