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3 Ways Summer Weather Can Damage Your Roof in Mobile, AL

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When you notice something is damaged inside your home, you find a way to fix it as soon as possible; but, what happens when the damage is somewhere you can’t see? Your roof needs attention just like any other part of your house. In fact, the roof is your daily protector, and every second of the day, it’s been exposed to dangerous elements. 

Spring is a beautiful season when people forget about gray winter days and start developing different projects such as planting a stunning garden, cleaning the garage, or improving their landscaping. However, not many homeowners consider the damage your roof has suffered due to the harsh winter weather. 

3 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Spring

No roof maintenance after winter means no protection for the following seasons. If you take action now, you’ll thank yourself later. Future severe damage can be avoided by following these useful tips to give your roof the love and attention it deserves:

Thorough Inspection

You never know exactly which areas require repairs until you inspect your roof. There can be different kinds of damage caused by snow; some include ice dam formation, heavy rooftop snow loads, and icicle formation. The best way to identify these problems and determine how to fix them is to have a team of experts inspecting your roof carefully.

Clean Out Your Gutters 

After snowy days, there’s a big chance that gutters are clogged full of debris and leaves, which will prevent them from doing their job. If the draining system isn’t working properly, then your shingles, siding, soffits, and more will be vulnerable to damage. Make sure to clean gutters no matter how long it takes, or hire a professional to do it for you. 

Watch Out for Mold

Take your time to examine your roof and look for any signs of mold or mildew. The sooner you see the problem, the easier it will be to fix it. Generally, it’s not a complicated process, it just takes some remedies like lead control strips or zinc. However, if you notice a large infected area spreading quickly, we recommend contacting a roofing company. 

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