Strengthen Alabama Homes
Grant Program

What is the Strengthen Alabama Homes program (SAH)?

Do you want to fortify your home against the windy storms that make their way through Alabama? Through the Strengthen Alabama Homes program, you could receive a grant that fortifies your home against future storms and provides you with discounts on the wind portion of your homeowner’s insurance.

You Can Quality If…

  • Your primary residence is in a county where grants are being awarded.
  • Your home is in good repair.
  • You can provide proof that you have an in-force homeowners insurance policy before the grant will be paid.
  • You can provide proof that you have an in-force wind insurance policy on your home before the grant will be paid.
  • You have flood insurance if your home is in a special flood hazard area. This policy can be from the National Flood Insurance Plan or a policy written by a private insurance carrier.
  • You get a home evaluation from a Certified FORTIFIED™ Evaluator who is approved by the Strengthen Alabama Homes program.
  • Payment will be issued by the Strengthen Alabama Homes program on your behalf directly to the contractor. Payment will be issued to your contractor only after you satisfy all the requirements for the grant.
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How to Apply for the SAH Grant Program

1. Create an Online Profile
Start the application process by creating a profile (link: and answering some questions. You will also be asked to upload documentation, including income verification and insurance declaration pages.
2. Complete a FORTIFIED Evaluation
After completing your profile, you will need to have your home undergo and FORTIFIED Evaluation. A certified FORTIFIED evaluator will perform an initial review of the current condition of your home and provide a plan on how to certify your home at the FORTIFIED Roof or Silver level.
3. Select Three Contractors
Once your home has passed the evaluation stage, you’ll be able to choose Super Roofers as one of your three contractors from a list of SAH-approved contractors to provide bids for the specific needs of your home. Once all three bids are submitted, your application will undergo a final evaluation.
4. After Approval, Receive Your Grant and Select Your Final Bid
When your application is approved, you will receive your grant award amount and be notified of any out-of-pocket construction expenses. Then, you will select your final bid and the level of mitigation you want for your home. After the work is completed, your home will receive its FORTIFIED Designation certificate and the grant program will pay your grant award director to the contractor on your behalf.
At Super Roofers, we want you to feel safe and secure under your own roof, and we’re here to make that happen for you.
Applications for the Strengthen Alabama Homes program are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis and are awarded on a quarterly period. To learn more about the program, contact the Super Roofers team to discuss how this grant can benefit your home. Experience the best in roofing by giving us a call today!
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