Storm Damage: 6 Steps to Take after Your Montgomery Roof is Damaged in a Storm

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When storms come, as they often do in Montgomery, and damages occur to our homes, we have to deal with the aftermath and clean up any mess caused by the storm. Damages could be from hail, fallen trees during a tornado, or random debris from straight-line wind storms. What should a homeowner do if a severe storm creates complications?  What can be done in these stressful times if the damage is done to your home? 

Stay Calm

Stress and tension can lead to further frustrations. The best course of action, to begin with, is just to take a deep breath and realize it will all be okay. Most likely many of your neighbors are experiencing the same type of damage. A strong community will pull together and help with the cleanup, and make sure there are areas of help to go to in case of need. 

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Be Safe

Make sure you and your family are safe. This is of top priority. Homes can come and go, but your family is precious. Keeping your family safe goes for any type of weather disaster, whether large or small. Keep the following tips in mind: 

  • Stay away from downed power lines
  • Never use an electrical device if there is excessive flooding present
  • Use caution around damaged buildings and fallen trees
  • Take a clear assessment of the area before stepping outside the home

Assess the Damage to Your Roof

Regardless of how sturdy a roofing system is, it just can’t compete with some of the major storms that present themselves. Take as many pictures as you can of your roof when conditions are appropriate. If you are able, get a video as well. It is better to have more pictures and videos than not enough. 

Make Temporary Fixes

Is there water leaking into your kitchen from holes in the roof? If your home is not flooded, place five-gallon buckets, pails, or pots under the dripping water to collect it and eliminate more damage by leaking water. If there is minimal shingle damage, a tarp can be placed over the area until it can be repaired properly.

Call a Trusted Roofing Professional

storm damage roof repair - Montgomery

Contact a local roofing company to inspect your roof. They have the safety equipment to climb on top of your roof and inspect damaged areas. Our specialist will conduct a thorough property inspection of your home to determine the extent of the damage. We will inspect the roof gutters, windows, and other exterior features. We will then provide you with a written report. This information can be submitted to your insurance company as proof of storm damage. The photos you have taken will assist the insurance company as well An honest company will speak with you about the damages caused and advise you on the choices you can make. 

Here are some items to remember when speaking with a roofing company.

  • Make sure the company is fully insured, with General Liability and Workmen’s Comp, before the team climbs on your roof. 
  • Do not sign any paperwork the roofing company presents until after the inspection is done, and a plan can be put in place. 
  • Do not give the roofing company any money up front to do the inspection. It should be a free inspection. 
  • Know what the roofing company is doing during the inspection. Be present. 
  • Ask for the company’s license number if you are not familiar with them. 

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Make sure to call your insurance agent, and not the company itself. You probably have a good working relationship with the agent, and they should be able to guide you through the ins and outs of your policy. Ask questions about the sections regarding wind, storm, and hail damage. Some companies cover more than others. Know what your policy includes.

Be sure to keep the phone numbers of Super Roofers of Montgomery and your insurance company nearby in case of roof damage from a storm. We are here to help restore your home. Give us a call when complications occur and we will help with any and all roof restorations you may need. We have a personal vested interest in our community and helping where we can. 

We can help restore your home and bring comfortable living conditions back. 

And, as always, be safe.