How Much Does a New Metal Roof Cost in Montgomery?

Aug 21, 2022Blog, Metal Roofing, Montgomery

With the ever-growing popularity of metal roofs in Montgomery, you may have found yourself weighing the pros and cons of adding a metal roof to your home. Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting, and stylish, but they’re also more expensive than the more common, asphalt shingle roofs. There is a wide range of factors that will impact the cost of a new metal roof should you decide to install one, but you can generally expect to pay between $5,100 to $27,000 for a new metal roof in Montgomery.

Size of the Roof

The size of your roof is the biggest determining factor in the cost to install your new metal roof. In Montgomery, a metal roof typically costs between $5.10 and $9.00 per square foot to install. 

  • 1000 square foot roof: $5,100 to $9,000
  • 1500 square foot roof: $7,650 to $13,500
  • 2000 square foot roof: $10,200 to $18,000
  • 2500 square foot roof: $12,750 to $22,500
  • 3000 square foot roof: $15,300 to $27,000
  • 3500 square foot roof: $17,850 to $31,500

Remember, the size of your roof is not equal to the size of your home. The square footage of your home will include all levels of the home. The easiest way to get the general square footage of your roof is to walk the perimeter of your house and calculate the surface area based on those measurements. This won’t be exact, but it can help you see where you fall in the above ranges to give you a starting point. 

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How Pitch Will Impact the Size of Your Roof

As mentioned, the square footage of your home’s footprint isn’t the actual size of your roof. The pitch of your roof can have a big impact on the surface area of the roof. Pitch refers to how steep the roof is and is measured as the number of inches the roof rises vertically over a 12 inch horizontal span. Montgomery roofing contractors use a standardized pitch multiplier to calculate the impact the pitch of the roof has on the roof’s size. As a roof gets steeper, the surface area increases which means a steeper roof will be more costly. 

Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of materials. These materials all have their pros and cons and are available at different price points. 

Aluminum Roofs

Aluminum is the most affordable metal roofing material. While it doesn’t offer amazing curb appeal, aluminum is inexpensive and durable with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

Steel Roofs

Steel is the go-to metal for residential metal roofing systems. Stylish and long-lasting, steel roofs are energy efficient, lightweight, and extremely durable. 

Copper Roofs

Copper roofs can give your home a traditional and classic appeal whether they’re brand new and shiny or they’ve developed their distinct patina from exposure to the elements. Copper is one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing materials on the market, but it’s also one of the most expensive. 

Metal Roofing Panel Styles

In addition to having multiple material options, metal roofs come in a variety of styles. The panel style you choose for your Montgomery roof can have a big impact on the roof’s cost. 

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Corrugated Metal Roof

What corrugated metal roofs lack in style and curb appeal they make up for in affordability. Corrugated metal roofs are typically made from galvanized steel that is rolled into U or R-shaped patterns. Because they’re prefabricated they’re less expensive than other metal roof options. 

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofs come with a variety of seam styles including snap-lock, mechanical lock, and batten panel. Standing seam roofs are more expensive than corrugated metal, but have the benefit of having hidden fasteners that add to their durability and help prevent leaks. 

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